Reza Azadeh

Reza Azadeh
Game developer & Game Designer

Growing up as the 1st generation of Iranian video game players, I always want to, not only play video games but also create them, to tell my stories and visions and tell the others how I see the world.

So with help of two of my friends, we founded the Clover Studio in August 2018 and since then I work here as Game Designer and Programmer. I make games cause I can!

  • BS in Software Engineering;
  • Game Designer, Level Designer and Programmer of Curavity;
  • Part of Station-X Game Design Team;

From early years playing video games was my only fun. Since then I had many consoles from Atari 2600 to NES, SEGA, PlayStation, Wii and PlayStation 4. After finnished my highschool, I attended to Software Enginnering bacholar degree to follow my passion of game design as a programmer. And now with my friends in Clover Studio we are at the begining of our fun journey of designing great games.

Game Design
Unity Engine