I was working in the organization for 5 years. I tried to close my eyes on everything they did, but I couldn’t. Everyone I loved, everyone I knew was in danger. Something had to be done for their sake at least, but without any evidence no one would believe me.

My mind was made up, when I entered the old station I was wearing the guards’ uniform to stay low profile I knew where the security room was. Having taken a deep breath, I entered the room. There was still time for changing my mind. But I loaded my gun, turned the handle and went in. The guard was taking a nap on his chair and his gun was on the table, I took his gun and hit his head with the bottom of my gun.

Then I connected my memory stick to his computer and start transferring data,when I finished my work the alarm went off. I headed toward the door. The bloody alarm didn’t let me concentrate. All the doors were shut. There was no way to escape. I definitely was in trouble. I thought if I go down, I may be able to hide but suddenly the guards came in and saw me. I took cover and started shooting.

I decided to go down stairs. The alarm stopped ringing, finally “I can focus now”, I thought. I started walking into a tunnel, a group of guards were coming towards me.

I tried to remember the station map. I had to find the door which led to the next building. After finding the door I realized it needed a key card, I turned around to find a card in the deads’ clothes.

Soldier 11 grade D was the one who I founded. I opened the door and entered, after a quick battle I went toward the elevator, entered and pushed the 1st floor button, but after moving up for a while it got stuck and fell down...